I’m sure many of you know who Colonel Sanders is and that he founded Kentucky Fried Chicken, but in this video you’ll learn that his road to success was an interesting and unusual one, involving a shootout with a competitor and even becoming an amateur midwife in his early days. His autobiography along with some of his cooking recipes was written in 1966 but the manuscript was only discovered in 2011 and KFC published it for free shortly after.

Ray Kroc is the man who turned McDonald’s from a single restaurant into the fast-food giant it is today. His family did not have much money growing up but Kroc had a happy childhood. He liked playing baseball and learnt playing piano at the age of 6. He was also good at selling things, even at a young age. His entrepreneurial endeavours included running a lemonade stand and starting a music store with his friends. This early work set Kroc on the path to becoming a successful businessman.

In 2006 Blake Mycoskie was a 29 year old entrepreneur. He founded his first company when he was 19 and ten years on he was taking a break from his fourth start-up to go travelling in Argentina. During his travels he engrossed himself in the culture. He danced the tango, played polo, drank the wine and even wore the national shoe — the alpargata. @OEudaimonia Awesome video! Thanks for putting this together!— TOMS (@TOMS) June 3, 2016

Douglas Robert Steuart Bader was born on 21st February 1910. He and his older brother, Derick, often argued when they were youngsters, with Douglas constantly leaping at any challenges and dares from his brother. He excelled at sports at school but did not apply himself with academia until he had to pass a test to enrol at Cranwell Royal Air Force College, with a view to joining the RAF. Douglas Bader, Lovely Animation..— Int Bomber Command (@IntBCC) March 10, 2016

Napoleon Bonaparte was powerful for only a decade and a half but his impact lasted until near the end of the 20th century, nearly 200 years after he died. He was born on 15th August 1769 on the island of Corsica, the second of eight children. At the age of ten, Napoleon and his older brother Joseph left for mainland France. They spent a year at a preparatory school in Autun, followed by five years at military college and a year at the officer academy in Paris. By the end of these seven years, Bonaparte was a professional French soldier.

Even at the age of seven years old, Andre Agassi hated tennis. His father used to make him return 2,500 balls a day on the tennis court, that’s nearly a million a year, all being fired at him from a souped-up ball machine he called ‘the dragon’. The tennis court was built by his father in the backyard of their house, which sat in the middle of the desert next to Las Vegas. What was a tennis court to most people was a prison to Andre Agassi.

Helen Keller was born in Alabama, USA on 27th June 1880. As a youngster she was a fast learner, speaking words at 6 months old and walking on the day she turned one. After 19 months of her life, she developed an illness which left her completely blind and deaf and she also lost her ability to talk. A few months after the illness, Helen began to communicate from simple nods and shakes of the head, to imitating the cooking of a particular type of food that she wanted to eat.

The philosopher Plato was born in Athens in 427BC and died about 80 years later in 347BC. His parents were both Athenians and he had two brothers and a sister. His mother remarried and had another son after his father died. Plato rejected his family and never married, which was a duty at the time to continue the family and the city. From early on, Plato was seen as an outstanding philosophical figure. He was heavily influenced by another Athenian, Socrates.

Ronda Rousey has been fighting her whole life. On the day she was born on 1st February 1987, she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and had to fight for her first breath. She fought to communicate as the lack of oxygen at birth affected her ability to speak and be understood as a child. At three years of age, Ronda’s family moved from California to North Dakota and she began intensive speech therapy.

Alexander the Great was born in 356BCE, he became king of Macedonia a mere twenty years later, reigning until his death in 323BCE. Once he was the king, he entered the territory of the Persian Empire, leading an army and taking control of an area of land that became part of one of the largest empires of the ancient world.