Today is a time of immense and unprecedented opportunity. Gone are the days where you are stuck having to do the same job that your father did. You can rise to the top of your profession with drive, talent and ambition and it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from. However, to achieve this you must look after your own career and not rely on a company to do so for you. You must also personally make sure you’re engaged and productive. In this book, Peter Drucker explains how to carve out your place in the world and when to change course. He does so by asking a series of questions.

Born on 2nd October 1869 in Porbandar, at school Gandhi was very shy and a mediocre student. At the age of 13 he was married as a Hindu. He goes on to state that child marriage is not something he supports. He was born and bred to not eat meat but a school friend who was strong and brave told Gandhi that these traits were due to eating meat and convinced him to try some. He tried some goat’s meat and continued for about a year in secret, before deciding that lying to his parents was worse than not being a meat-eater and he never ate meat again.

Before vying to become President of the United States of America, Donald Trump wrote a book nearly thirty years ago that became one of the most successful business books of all time. Trump starts by taking us through a week in his life back in 1987 when he’d just turned 40. There are a distinct lack of formal meetings but a large amount of phone calls usually between 50-100 a day, that are short and to the point. Interspersed between these are a dozen or so impromptu meetings. After leaving the office at 6.30, the calls continue into the evening and all weekend.

In the year 1818 an emperor was born. Not so strange you may think. But this self-proclaimed emperor was a penniless oddball who became a local celebrity in San Francisco. Joshua Abraham Norton was born in England, but spent most of his early life in South Africa. After his mother and father passed away, he emigrated to San Francisco in 1849 with a $40,000 inheritance from his father's estate. Norton initially made a living as a successful businessman, amassing a fortune of $250,000.

This story begins in December 1997 in Primorye, a forested and mountainous region in South East Russia. It is an area where Siberian tigers reside and a group of armed men are driving in the snow, responding to an urgent message about a tiger attack. The men were part of an Inspection tiger unit, established three years previously to investigate crimes involving tigers. The Siberian or Amur tiger is the only one of six types of tiger that is suited to an arctic climate. It can swim for miles and kill animals many times its size.

Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear found in Iran and adopted by soldiers in the Polish Army. He was later officially enlisted as a soldier of the Polish Artillery Supply Company with the rank of Private, and then promoted to Corporal. During the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped move crates of ammunition for the soldiers. In the spring of 1942 the newly formed Polish Armed Forces in the East and thousands of Polish civilians who had been deported to the labour camps following the Soviet invasion of Poland, all travelled to Iran having been evacuated from the Soviet Union.

This book is about a journey. A journey that begins by the author asking his doctor why his foot hurts. He ran two to three miles every other day and the answer from his doctor and several other specialists he saw was “because running is bad for you”. But why was it bad for some people and yet other can run without injury? He discovered the answer by travelling in search of the Tarahumara tribe from Mexico, arguably the greatest runners of all time. They live in the sides of cliffs in a wilderness called the Barrancas and very few outsiders have seen them in action. @OEudaimonia gorgeous! beautifully done and so thoughtful. I'm beyond flattered.— ChristopherMcDougall (@McDougallChris) April 11, 2016

John McAfee is an American computer programmer and a 2016 US presidential candidate. He developed the first commercial anti-virus program, which bore the McAfee brand-name for years. More recently, he became an international fugitive after fleeing police in Belize following the murder of his island neighbour. This is his fascinating story. Interesting lives: John McAfee— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) April 8, 2016

He’s known as the Greek Robin Hood and is currently a fugitive who has escaped twice from a high-security prison by helicopter. Despite being a criminal, he has achieved fame and popularity for giving most of his money to the poor and claiming not to have physically hurt a single person during his crimes. Vassilis Palaiokostas was born in 1966. He grew up in a small village on a mountain in central Greece.

How did one man liberate a whole city from occupation by an army? It sounds like something from a Rambo film but this scenario actually occurred during World War II. Sergeant Léo Major was a French Canadian soldier in the Canadian infantry regiment in the Second World War. He was the only Canadian to ever receive the Distinguished Conduct Medal twice in separate wars. Major grew up in Montreal and was 19 when he joined the army in the summer of 1940.